Abraham Morgentaler, MD, FACS Testosterone Therapy for Life

Millions of men needlessly suffer from low sex drive, loss of energy, and diminished enthusiasm for life—because of low levels of the male hormone testosterone. Normal levels can be readily restored using simple testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)—but in many audiences, those very words evoke the responses we commonly attribute to the hormone itself: rage, aggression, impulsiveness, and territoriality! Most physicians and many lay people continue to labor under a host of misconceptions, both about testosterone’s effects on human biology and behavior, and about the role of testosterone therapy in older adults.

The truth is finally emerging, however, thanks largely to the efforts of Dr. Abraham Morgentaler of the Harvard Medical School, and a small number of equally dedicated clinician-scientists who have devoted their careers to understanding testosterone’s myriad effects on humans throughout the life span, and on building a fact-based, myth-busting approach to TRT, thus revealing its benefits and its risks.

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