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Sitting in a corner office of a gleaming Beverly Hills high-rise, Uzzi Reiss, M.D., a gynecologist whose name is on the speed dials and well-plumped lips of Hollywood housewives, starlets, and power brokers alike these days, catalogs the miseries of premenstrual syndrome. “You feel foggy, fatigued, a little bit depressed, your skin is more oily….,” he says, his nose wrinkling in distaste. I’d always thought these things were fairly normal, but when I tell that to Reiss—an indefatigable 58-year old who wears small Sigmund Freud glasses—he looks stricken.

Treatment Options for Andropause

Bruce Biundo, R.Ph.
P.C.C.A. Pharmacy Consulting Department 
March 7, 2002

Andropause is a condition of hormonal imbalance, and may be related to declining levels of testosterone, elevated levels of estrogens, or a mixture of both. After proper diagnosis, including screening of testosterone and estrogen levels, therapy has been shown to be dramatically effective in relieving symptoms of andropause and restoring drive, health, potency and a sense of renewed vitality.

Guide to Better Sex


Accused of everything from sex to violence and rock and roll, testosterone is perhaps the most misunderstood hormone of all. Generally recognized as vital for libido, this important hormone offers a number of benefits to both men and women. While it obviously governs sexual desire and behavior, testosterone also helps build and maintain healthy body tissues, including lean muscle and bone. Adequate levels are also associated with cardiovascular health, mental alertness and even overall well-being.

Oxytocin: The Forgotten Hormone

Oxytocin is a well studied hormone that is mainly thought to be involved in the female reproductive system.  However, recently there have been many studies conducted as to the other uses and functions Oxytocin may have on the human body in both males and females.  Below are some of the potential uses, function, and effects that Oxytocin has recently been shown to have on our bodies.

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