Hormone Balance


Progesterone is a central factor in the biosynthesis of other hormones, but it also has many other important functions in the body, as shown in figure 4.2.
Figure 4.2. The Multiple Roles of Natural Progesterone 
Progesterone has important effects throughout the body, and on all systems of the body, including acting as a precursor to the steroid hormones, maintaining pregnancy and other reproductive functions, and many intrinsic, or built-in, regulatory functions.


TREATING ANDROPAUSE: Prohormones and Hormone Metabolic Modifiers

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We need this mineral to process sugar. But most Americans are running too low. Vitamins like C and E get the attention in nutrition, but unglamorous minerals are essential to good health, too. In fact, more than a dozen minerals help rule our bodies. One of them, chromium, is powerful in making insulin work correctly. Do you think only America's 16 million diabetics need to think about insulin? Wrong: Out-of-whack blood sugar contributes to weight gain, high cholesterol and high blood pressure in many of us. How much chromium you need depends on who you are.

Natural Progesterone & Women's Health

A Guide to Understanding & Controlling Menopause, PMS, Infertility, & Osteoporosis
In order to accurately evaluate the effects of estrogen and Natural Progesterone, on PMS, Fertility, Menopause, and Osteoporosis, it is necessary to identify the sources of these important hormones.  Distinguising safe and natural hormones from those that are foreign and carcinogenic will allow women to make informed choices.  This information will help them to avoid the unwanted effects of Estrogen Dominance, listed lower.

Saliva Testing

Saliva testing is a convenient, inexpensive, and above all, accurate means of testing steroid hormones. Scientific studies have shown a strong correlation between steroid hormone levels in saliva and the amount of hormone in the blood that is active or "bioavailable." Saliva is an ideal diagnostic medium to measure the bioavailable levels of steroid hormones active in the tissue. It is this fraction of total hormone that is free to enter the target tissues in the brain, uterus, skin, and breasts.

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